Computer Repairs

These days computers
are more robust than ever, but from time to time they can still develop a hardware fault, whether it’s a faulty hard drive or a blown power supply.

If a computer is beyond repair or is uneconomical to repair there’s a good chance we can still recover the data to a new computer or back-up drive.

With over 20 years of experience servicing Mac and PC computers, we can get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Computer Maintenance

It is important to keep computer systems up to date and problem free, this saves costly repair bills when you least expect it.

Core can provide an onsite or remote health check to make sure your Mac or PC is in good health.

Networking / Broadband

Communication is an essential part of business. Making sure computers talk to each other in the office via Ethernet networking or Wireless can be a struggle. Crossed wires or poor Wi-Fi strength can cause deadlines to be missed or lost data.

We can run Cat-5 Ethernet or setup Wireless Networking to run efficiently at the best speed possible.

We can also set up Broadband using a local trusted company or help set up a new or existing Broadband connection of your choice.


Originally trained by Apple and with over 20 years experience Installing, servicing, upgrading and troubleshooting Apple Macs, we can help with any Mac advice or solution.

Transition from PC to MAC is sometimes daunting, we can help and offer advice to make the process smoother.

We offer support and advice on PC systems too. Most offices have a mixture of Mac and PC these days, which have to work together - we have the knowledge to help for both systems.

Business / Home

Core Computer Services can give you peace of mind and valuable advice for Home or Business.

For any business a computer struggling in the workplace can easily cause lost time and money, it is important to get it working efficiently again as soon as possible. Core can support your workplace whether on an adhoc basis or covered by a maintenance contract, tailored for your business.

More people are working from home these days, most home computer systems tend to get less attention than their office counterparts, but it’s still important to make sure they are safe from attack and are running smoothly.